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I'll be turning 18 in a few months (yay!)

On my 18th birthday, I want to visit The Hive. All I have to do is save the money.

Me and my friend Mallory (blinkist182 ) are supposed to do something special on my 18th.

This is my plan.

I dont care if I just get to take pictures of the street sign in wich The Hive is on.

I'm gonna turn it into a huge road trip to Nebraska.

Anyone live in Michigan wanna go with me?

My birthday is on August 19th.  If I have more people chiiping in for gas... it makes it more probable that we actually go.


This is all i want.



Im leaving for North Carolina in the morning. If I dont respond to any emails for about two weeks...its not because im ignoring you....its because Im not here. (Mom doesnt have a comp) When I get back...I hope to have lots of people who are down with visiting The Hive.


Chop, Chop, Piece, Piece.

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